Congo Safaris

Characterized by lush equatorial jungles, open savannah plains, woodlands and glacial mountains, the D.R. Congo is without doubt a famous destination in Africa, quite secretive and a shelter to tens of thousands of mammals, rare primates, endemic birds, and chimpanzees. Some of the remarkable fauna hosted here include lowland gorillas, mountain gorillas and forest elephants. The extensive lush Congo basin covers most of the eastern and central region of D.R. Congo, making it the world’s 2nd biggest rainforest after the amazon forest in south America. This large ecosystem is host to rare mammals, birds and primates that are non-existence elsewhere in Africa.

A trip to the D.R. Congo takes those intrepid travelers to the smoky jungles, savannah plains and Virunga mountains which shelter abundant fauna ranging from rare chimpanzees, plenty of gorillas, vibrant birdlife, butterflies, forest elephants, colorful fungi, and critically endangered eastern lowland gorillas. In D.R. Congo, tourism is not new but has had numerous challenges ranging from armed robbers, military conflicts, rebels who put the lives of tourists and park rangers at a risk, but thank the park management and other conservation partners, hope has been restored and now Congo is again on a tourism map as a destination to look out for. The well managed eco systems of Congo provide long term refuge to an array of fauna and birds alike.

For those people searching for an out-of-the-normal adventure experience and a unique safari encounter, D.R. Congo is for you. Filled with less trodden places, next to virgin; intrepid travelers here have an opportunity to be among the first explorers to this less visited region of Africa and hence pave way for conservation and a sustainable future.