12 Days Impressive Vacation in Uganda

In this 12 day visit to some of the finest destinations known to many across the different parts of western part of Uganda. Lake Mburo National Park – home to a multitude collection of antelope species inclusive of the elusive Impalas; Mgahinga National park for the sought after golden monkeys and mountain gorillas; Semuliki national park for its hot springs and a profusion of birds; Queen Elizabeth National park – home to the tree-climbing lions and Kibale forest National park for chimpanzees.

A mention of the activities; boat ride, bird watching, chimpanzee trekking, gorilla trekking, game drive, cultural adventure, and sight-seeing among others.

Detailed trip.

Day 1: Kampala to Lake Mburo National park

Meet and be briefed at the pickup point, with a glass of Juice as welcome gift. Thereafter, hit the road to Lake Mburo national park; a 3-4 hour drive, through tarmac and marram road but decorated with flourishing plantations, grazing long-horned cows and busy streets.  You will arrive at the park late in the evening for refreshment, dinner, and overnight.

Day 2: Game drive and Boat cruise.

After an early morning breakfast meal at the lodge, you will exit the lodge for a scenic game drive at the vast national park. Freely roaming at the savanna pasture; your eyes will come across mainly Antelope species, notably; the great waterbuck, impalas-the largest antelope species, Uganda Kobs and many more, warthogs, elephants and the Cape Buffaloes.

After the 3-4 hour game drive, you will have a lunch break, and then an afternoon boat cruise; an exposure to Hippos, Crocodiles, and several Aquatic Birds. Retire at the lodge with dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Transfer to Mgahinga National Park.

At daybreak, a tasty cup of coffee will be served, before checking out for a transfer to Mgahinga national park-where gold meets silver. Through a tarmac and maram road; you will traverse flourishing plantations, scattered homesteads, and several other eye-catching sceneries. Lunch will be en-route to the park, as you will be ushered to the lodge with some cool breeze, views of the vast forest, and many more. Dinner and overnight

Day 4: Gorilla trekking and Batwa pygmies visit.

After having a hefty cup of coffee early in the morning, you will check out of the lodge for the park headquarters for registration and a pre trekking briefing. An activity that lasts for roughly 30 minutes with the park rangers explain the Dos and don’ts of trekking, narrating the life of gorillas and also accompanying members through the quest of their relatives.

Gorilla trekking lasts for roughly 1-6 hours, plus an extra one hour of watching the Apes play, feed and relax. Thereafter, you will return for lunch, before exploring the Batwa culture- the shortest people in Uganda, whose identity and origin is in the forest. Dinner and a nap at sunset

Day 5: Golden monkey trekking and transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

After breakfast, you will return to the park headquarters for registration and briefing by the Park headquarters. Golden monkeys are next to non in Beauty, swiftness, and actions. You will need to be alert from the start to the end of this 1-4 hour trekking adventure, through a jungle with not only the Monkeys, but also Unique Plants, birds, and forest mammals.

A call for full attention in the hour of photography and watching the apes skip from one tree branch to another. You return for lunch at the Lodge, and then checkout for a scenic drive to Queen Elizabeth national park; a medley of wonder and Uganda’s most visited national park. 

Day 6: Game drive and Boat cruise

Very early in the morning, you will head to the wild for a morning game drive; looking out for the day and night hunters in the vast wilderness. The residents you may chance to encounter include; lions, leopards, Buffaloes, different Antelope species, warthogs, and cape Buffaloes among others.

Thereafter relax with a Bush breakfast, followed by lunch, and then an evening Boat cruise; enjoying the cool breeze, while identifying the water residents; notably the hippos, crocodiles, and many more. At sunset, return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 7: Transfer to Semuliki national park – sightseeing and night game drive.

After breakfast, you will check out of your lodge at Queen Elizabeth national park to Semuliki national park; a drive that lasts for about 3-4 hours, with lunch at the Lodge. This transfer also offers an opportunity of watching the backdrop of the vast snowcapped Mountain Rwenzori.

Relax at the Sempaya Hot springs; Boiling and cooking eggs and engaging in several other activities. Retire at the lodge with a dinner meal and a nap.

Day 8: Full day Bird watching experience.

After a lovely night, awaken your intestines with a morning cup of coffee and then head for a rewarding full-day bird watching at the semiliki forest; the same place with the Sempaya hot springs. There are over 40% of Uganda’s bird species; endemic, and migrants alike. Common ones include the crowned cranes, Turacos, Guinea fowls, and many more.

There will be a lunch break, further bird watching and then an evening game drive. You will have a sunset game drive to the lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 9: Transfer to Kibale Forest National Park.

Start this day relaxed with a delicious cup of coffee, before checking out for a transfer to Kibale forest national park; an asylum to over 13 rare primate species dominated by the rare chimpanzees. The drive lasts for about 3-5 hours. You will have lunch at the lodge, while dinner and overnight come last.

Day 10: Chimp tracking and Bigodi Swamp Walk.

After breakfast, you will head to the park headquarters for a morning chimpanzee trekking briefing and registration. You will be told how to carry out the trekking exercise, as well as the trekking dos and don’ts. Chimpanzee trekking lasts for approximately 1-6 hours, plus a bonus of an extra hour after encountering them.

Chimps are not alone, as they are accompanied by over 12 primate species, birds and forest mammals among others. After uncovering the life of the chimpanzees, you will return to the lodge for lunch, followed by an evening Bigodi swamp walk; One of the best Ramsar sites.

Day 11: Isunga cultural walk, crater tours and top of the world hike.

After a wake-up breakfast meal; a guide from Isunga cultural community will be in charge of your day’s experience. He will take you around the community, showcasing the local homesteads and plantations, as well as a top of the world walk. A point where you will enjoy the beautiful views of the rolling hills, and the scattered crater lakes which decorate the place.

Thereafter return for lunch with the community members, and then the rest of the evening dance, play, and laugh to the stories and cultural music. End the day at the lodge with dinner and overnight stay.

Day 12: Departure.

After an early morning cup of coffee, you will check out of the lodge for a transfer to the airport for a flight to the next destination. Lunch is en route, whereas the rolling hills and flourishing plantations make the trip an exciting one.