Rwanda Safaris

Rwanda is a beautiful African country that has beaten all odds and moved away from the nightmare that befell it more than 2 decades ago. Now its sprawling, vibrant landscapes and bustling cities have charm and inhabit not only popular primates but also peaceful people. Numerous accommodation facilities are cropping up in all corners of the country, both in mountainous and savannah parks alike.

In the north western corner, the extinct Virunga volcanoes whispers, but the sound is eventually camouflaged in the acoustics of resident cloud forests. A stream of mutters, birdsongs barely audible come through the thickets and forest decay muffle the footsteps.

Small, populous and excessively fertile, Rwanda is located in east Africa astride the western arm of the great rift valley while its mountainous countryside is marked by banana plantations, evergreen forests, bamboo thickets, terraced hills, and villages of thatched roofed huts. With streams of pedestrians along highways, from rural women carrying everything from babies to firewood and 100 weight of organic vegetables, fruits and other eatables, the country truly feels intricate and intimate!
You should also understand that what sets Rwanda ahead of other east African destinations is its line of lofty volcanic peaks which offer refugee to highly endangered mountain gorillas, golden monkeys and other unique mammals and bird species. The Volcanoes national park is an eponymous Volcanoes national park is the primate hotspot for all who are interested to track and see some of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas.

In the south, there is another biologically diverse destination, Nyungwe forest known for chimpanzee trekking and canopy walkway, while in the east on Tanzania’s border with Rwanda sits Akagera national park national park – the only savannah park in the country and intercepted by huge lakes and long streams of rivers.